Cryoalfa Supplies for Cryosurgery

The range of Cryoalfa products is temporarily suspended due to the need to complete some documentation for MHRA. This process is well in hand and we are waiting approval as we write. As soon as this process is complete we shall notify customers. Whilst we can still record requests for the products we cannot sell them until we have clearance from the Manufacturer that the products comply with the necessary requirements and that this is reflected in the labelling and documentation. For clarity there is no change or modification in the actual products.

Cryoalfa devices are designed for the use in cryosurgery procedures. Targeting the skins imperfections by freezing them to a temperature of about -89°C / –128°F by application of liquid N2O (patented) and using a freezing speed about 100K/min. Cryoalfa is available in both contact and non contact forms with a variety of applicators to choose from.

There are no products to list in this category.