Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes

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Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes

Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes

Clinell's new Biodegradable wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including norovirus, flu and coronaviruses in just 30 seconds, giving you fast and effective surface germ control in a biodegradable, environmentally friendly wipe.

Plastic free and designed to clean and disinfect surfaces both in medical and healthcare settings and in everyday at home usage, these antibacterial wipes are tough on germs and gentle on the environment. Dermatologically tested, the Biodegradable range is kind to skin and safe to use on non-porous surfaces. 

Biodegradable within active landfill conditions and complete with recycle-ready packaging.

60 Pack

Unit of Sale 60 Pack

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