Ultrasound Quick Eco Gel "Cristal" Clear Version (250ml)

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Clear Ultrasound Quick Eco Gel "Cristal" Clear Version available in 250ml.

Ultrasound Quick Eco Gel "Cristal"Clear Version (250ml)

Designed for application to the patients skin in preparation for an ultrasound procedure, Cristal Clear Quick-Eco Gel assists in producing a clear image of patients organs for diagnosis. Our 250ml bottle allows for convenient and clean dispense.

Also available in a 5 litre tub for large scale usage.


•  Acoustically correct; for the broad range of frequencies used

•  Completely aqueous; will not stain clothing or damage transducers

•  Water-soluble and odourless

•  Hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-sensitising and non-irritating

•  Clear colour

•  Microbubble free

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