Reusable Face Masks Respiratory Face Covering

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Reusable Face Masks Respiratory Face Covering

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Premium quality re-usable wash and wear face mask covering is intended for personal use. Backed by Harley Street consultant surgeon Mr Ian Bayley and proven scientifically to provide a significantly better barrier than the FFP2 face masks worn by NHS staff. FFP3 rating is frontline care.

Its unique design incorporates ten millimetres of woven filament shaped to prevent the inner surface from coming into contact with the nostrils and mouth. An important factor in reducing viral exposure.
The mask can be washed and dried, conveniently ready for re-use within minutes.
This mask is a one size fit and ties attached to the ear loops makes it customisable for most face sizes and older children (see pics for illustrations on ways of fitting).
It is comfortable and easy to wear - suitable for direct contact with the skin and breathing through over a prolonged period - without your glasses steaming up!

·         Made from 100% Polyester 3D spacer fabric 

·         Providing a greater barrier may help reduce the risk of high viral bombardment and transmission into the respiratory tract.

·         Elasticated binding around the edges is soft on the skin and provides a seal around the lower face area.

·         Tie back tapes have been added to the ear elastic to avoid pinching behind the ears and provide a secure fit across varying face shape and size.


1. Before using, wash your mask in soapy water by hand or by machine at 30 degrees. Elastic may shrink slightly at 60 degrees.
2. Before fitting wash hands in soapy water or use hand sanitizer (60% alcohol).
3. Raise the mask to your face - METAL NOSE STRIP UPPERMOST - and place over nose and chin.
4. Loop ear elastic behind ears.
5. Tie the attached tape securely behind your head so that a good seal is formed around the nose and mouth, and to prevent any pinching behind the ears.
6. Arrange to sit evenly on the lower part of your face.
7. Pinch down on the metal strip over the bridge of the nose and close any gaps.

1. Before removing, wash your hands in soapy water (or use hand sanitizer). DO NOT TOUCH THE FRONT OF THE MASK (it may be contaminated from use).
2. Reach back and untie the tape and, still holding onto the tape, remove from your face.
3. Place straight into the washing machine or washbasin without touching the face part and wash hands.

1. Ideally, place in a net washbag and add to washing machine along with detergent and any other items to be washed. Wash at 30 degrees, some shrinkage may occur at 60 degrees.
2. OR simply rinse through in soapy water when washing hands and dry-off by wrapping tightly in a clean dry towel. Then either tumble-dry or blow-dry with a hairdryer. Alternatively, place on a radiator until dry. Drying time with heat takes around 15-20 mins.
3. Must be completely dry before wearing.
4. Change if damp with breath and remember to use in combination with social distancing and washing hands in soapy water.

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