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MTF Predislocation Syndrome (Floating Toe)

Claw toe and hammer toe

Protection of digital skin lesions

Post-surgical stabilization

Immobilization in acute inflammatory process

"What is the FIXTOE ’s action mechanism"?

We have observed, in our daily clinical practice, an intimate etiological relationship between the

metatarsal pain suffered by our patients and the lack of stability of the metatarsophalangeal joints

of the floating toe (metatarsophalangeal predislocation syndrome) or other deformities such as

claw toe or hammer toe.

The most used and effective treatment in this type of ailments and deformities has

been the use of tape-type bandages in the cravat way, which keeps the finger aligned

during loading activities.

Furthermore, the application of a semi-soft cushion adhesive with horseshoe shape isolates

or decreases the pressure on the painful area.


Unfortunately, this treatment has to be renewed every several days, thereby generating a skin

irritation process and a patient discomfort, affecting their correct daily hygiene. After several

years of research and work, we have found the ideal solution to transform and modernize this

therapeutic alternative.

On the one hand, the medial and lateral lugs of FIXTOE are going to act as elastic bands (tape-type

bandages in a cravat way) which will correct the position of the toe by means of a precise joint alignment.

On the other hand, the lugs disposition on the Velcro area in the plant confers a situation of discharge (horseshoe

cushion) of central pressure on the pain area.

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