Herbitas Silicone Kit Soft 200g

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Herbitas Silicone Kit Soft

Kit contains: 1 x 200g tub of White Silicone, 1 x 200g Rose Silicone.

Podia Blandos A+B Silicone is a two part silicone with a medium/soft density.

Hardness Shore A8.

Silicone for the Podiatry use with two components: A+B, with one component containing to catalyst therefore it is important not to use the same dispensing spoon for both silicones.

Simply mix equal amounts of A+B and knead until getting a homogenous mixture. After that, the mixture is ready to make the orthotic with the appropriate form.

Each kit includes a pair of measuring spoons to avoid the components mixture.

Unit of Sale Kit

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